The Leica Disto™ Distancemeters with Bluetooth® allow you to set the display resolution to different

values, for example to indicate 1/8 inch increments, rather than the native 1/32 inch increments.

While this allows a greater ease in quickly reviewing a series of measurements, the rounding method

used by the Bluetooth® laser and the rounding method used by Solatech Window Covering Software

can create the impression that incorrect information is being sent to or received by the Solatech

software. This article explains what is going on during this process.

More Information

When set to round to other than the native 1/32 inch increment, the Leica Disto™ Bluetooth®

Distancemeter rounds the actual measurement to the closest increment, typically a 1/8 inch


Solatech Window Covering Software is designed to intentionally round down to the next lower

increment, typically a 1/8 inch increment.

Even when the Distancemeter rounds the result, the actual measurement taken is sent over the

Bluetooth® link. Hence, the following scenario can and does occur:

  • A measurement is taken of 20 15/32.
  • The Leica Disto™ Distancemeter, if set to round to 1/8 inch increments, will display 20 1/2 inches.
  • When sent to the Solatech Window Covering software via the Bluetooth® link will send the actual measurement, 20 15/32 inch.
  • The Solatech software, when set to display in 1/8 inch increments, will round this value DOWN to 20 3/8 inch.

  • The rounding rules in the Leica Disto™ Distancemeter cannot be changed. This behavior is by design.
  • The rounding rules in the Solatech Window Covering Software are set to round down by design, as a little extra clearance for a shade within a window is more desireable than a little less clearance.

While NOT recommended, the rounding rules for Solatech can be changed in the following method:

  • In the Solatech Window Covering Software, click File>Preferences
  • Click the plus sign next to Quotes and Orders
  • Click on Laser Measuring Device
  • Click on the My Preferences tab
  • Under Disto Quick Entry, click the Settings button
  • Uncheck the box "Round measurements down"
  • Click OK, then click Close


  • Solatech Window Covering Software 4.2