When you send a measurement from a Disto to QuickEntry by pressing the Bluetooth button the

measurement is transferred but you then receive a "240" error on the Disto.


This can happen if the Disto is in "2nd layer mode", that is, you have pressed the 2nd button on the


This can also happen if the Disto is forcing a confirmation of data transmission. Previous to hot fix

HF312425 this confirmation was not sent to the Disto.


Get out of "2nd layer mode" when taking/sending measurements to QuickEntry.

When the Disto is in "2nd layer mode" the Disto communicates differently with desktop applications.

In this case it expects confirmation of the data sent. Since QuickEntry is not expecting this, it does

not send confirmation back to the Disto which results in the error 240.

You can tell if the Disto is in "2nd layer mode" by looking for a the "2nd" symbol on the Disto display.

If you see a "2nd" on the display then you are in "2nd layer mode". Press the "2nd" button on the

keypad to toggle the "2nd layer mode" on and off.

Additional Resolution

If the above resolution does not fix the problem then you should install hot fix HF312425. This will

add the ability for the QuickEntry module to send a confirmation command to the Disto which will

eliminate the 240 error. See More Information on how to enable the sending of the confirmation



This behavior is by design.

More Information

This behavior has been reproduced on the latest Disto D330i. It also exists on previous Disto models

with Bluetooth.

Installing hot fix HF312425 will update the SWCS 4.2 Disto module (swcsdsto4.dll) to version 4.2.68,

which will add the ability for QuickEntry to send a confirmation command to the Disto after it

received measurements. By default this feature is disabled. To enable it:

  1. Open QuickEntry.
  2. Click Options, Communications Setup.
  3. Check the box Require confirmation.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Options, Test Communications.
  6. Once the test has passed, return to QuickEntry, connect to your Disto and use it as normal.

Applies To:

  • Solatech Window Covering Software 4.2