In this article, you will learn how to add your company logo to the standard process reports (quote, invoice, order confirmation ,etc.).

More Information

To complete this tutorial you will need your company logo as a picture file. Supported formats are JPEG, GIF or BMP. The logo file can be resized by the software but it is best if you size it using a graphics editing program as you will get better results. Don't make it too large as it will make less area available for the report content.


  • The first step in adding the logo is to tell the software what logo file you want to use.
  • Click on the Solatech icon in the upper left corner, then choose Company Information.

  • This will open the Company Information window.  Click on the Other tab.
  • Next to Process Reports, click the File Folder icon and browse to the location of the logo file on your computer.  
    • It should be located in your Solatech Data or SWCS5 folder, under reports. This could be location on your C: drive or in your File sharing service; i.e. dropbox.  (EX - C:\Solatech Data\WCS5\Reports)
  •  Click OK to save.

  1. Click OK to save the changes and return to the main menu.
  2. Now that the logo has been assigned to the company you can print any of the standard process reports and the logo will appear as shown below.

Applies To

  • SalesPRO Software