This article describes how an unnecessary quote, sale or order can be deleted from SalesPRO software.    Please note that if a sale or order has a payment attached to it, it can not be deleted (Sales/Orders with payments cannot be deleted) .   Cancel the sale/order to release the payment, then it may be deleted.


  1. From within SalesPRO, open your list of quotes/sales/orders.
  2. Locate the entry you wish to delete.
  3. Click once to highlight the entry in blue.
  4. Click on the Delete icon on the toolbar.
  5. You will receive a popup message asking If you are sure to wish to delete the entry.
  6. Press Yes.
  7. The entry will be deleted.
  8. Before a sale or order can be deleted, all payments must be removed.

Concerning Deletions

When deleting a sale or order, if a payment is attached you will be prompted to remove the payment (unallocate the amount).  Before a sale or order can be deleted, all payments must be removed.

Deleting quotes, sales or orders is not recommended.  By deleting the entry, statistical reporting is affected, and follow-up for the actual reason for not completing the quote/sale/order is lost.  Deleting a quote or sale may be a valid action if there were fundamental errors made when originally created, and it would be easier to start over.

Applies to

  • SalesPRO Software