This article will explain how to modify existing Terms and Conditions on a Process report. 

More Information

Before modifying a report, you may want to make a backup copy, as a precaution.

  • From the Setup tab, click on Process Reports.

  • The Manage Reports window will open.  Highlight the report you plan to change, then click on Copy.  This will create a report with the same name, followed by "(1)".

  • Remove the check-mark, then double-click on the report with the "(1)".

  • On the first tab, General, change the name of the report.

  • Click OK.


  • From within SalesPRO, select Setup>Process Reports.
  • Individual reports are listed inside their categories, and the category may be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the +/-.  Choose a type of report which currently contains Terms and Conditions.  The most common are Quotes, Invoices, Order Confirmations, and Installer Forms
  • Select the Report to be modified from the list of reports.

  • Click the Modify button on the bottom of the window, or double-click on the report.
  • On the Manage Report Layout window, click the “Other tab, then the Signature and T&C tab.
  • Under Terms & Conditions, if you have multiple T&C templates, use the drop-down to change the file.  Click Open to edit the file. 

  • The current Terms and Conditions document will open in your document editing software (typically Word).
  • Make the necessary changes.
  • Save and Close the Terms & Conditions file, make sure you save it in Rich Text Format (.rtf).
  • Before exiting, you may use the "Test with ...." drop-down to confirm your change for the document(s).  
  • Once you have selected Quote, Sale, or Order, in the next box enter a number, then click the green arrow.

  • A PDF image will open, so you may verify the changes. Close the PDF when finished.
  • Click OK to save your changes and close the Reports window.


  • SalesPRO Software