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These navigation and entry instructions may not be the only way to complete the desired task.  For more in-depth explanations, any related articles will follow the instructions as links.


  • Click on Quotes icon on the Home tab.  This will open the Quotes window with the Quotes Toolbar at the top.

  • From list of quotes, highlight the desired quote.
  • From the Quotes Toolbar, click on 'Quote', then select 'Print' or 'Preview' from the drop down menu.
  • Select 'Print' or 'Preview'.
  • Select the type of document to create - A Simple Quote or a Retail Quote (deselect the one you do NOT want to view).
  • Click OK.

Note that this method will use the default printer, and will not allow changes to the printer properties.

See also How to Print Quotes, Sales or Orders from Solatech.

Applies to

  • SalesPRO Software