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These navigation and entry instructions may not be the only way to complete the desired task.  For more in-depth explanations, any related articles will follow the instructions as links.


  • Click on Quotes from the Home tab, or click Q/S/O Workflow.  Select the desired quote by double clicking on it.

  • From Edit Quote window, click on Actions tab.
  • Click Convert to Sale.  

  • You will be prompted to confirm.  Click OK.

  • You will be presented with the following message.  You may click the 'Don't show this again' box so this message won't appear each time.

  • Your new Sale will now show up in the Sales Window.

Shortcut to a Sale

Instead of converting to a sale, processing a payment will trigger the same series, resulting in the same conversion.

  • From the Edit Quote window, click on Payments.
  • A message will appear explaining that payments cannot be made from a Quote.  Click Yes to convert to a Sale.

  • You will receive the same prompts, as above, about conversion to a sale.  Click OK.
  • There will be another window open, asking to open the Sale.  Click OK to open Edit Sale and complete the payment .

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Applies to

  • SalesPRO Software