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Processing a purchase order triggers the conversion.  By this method, multiple sales may be converted at one time.

  • From either the Home or Workflow tabs, click on Send for Purchasing.

  • A list of pending purchase orders will appear, grouped by vendor.

  • Highlight the purchase order(s) to process.
    • Note:  Since purchase orders can be grouped together for processing, they will cross multiple sales/orders.  All purchase orders selected will be processed in the same manner.
  • From the drop-down menu under Send PO to Vendor, select Send Electronically to use Online Order Processing, or Vendor has the Purchase Order if another method is used (e.g. entering on the vendor's website).

  • You will receive a prompt about conversion to an order.  Click Yes.

  • Another window will open, asking to open the Order.  Click Yes if you would like to open the Order.


  • Remember to check for multiple purchase orders within a single sale/order.  Selecting a single purchase order may not address all line items.

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  • SalesPRO Software