This article describes how to change the default options for products in SalesPRO.   There are a couple of ways to do this:  At the product level and at a system level.  


System Level:

  • From within SalesPRO, go to the Maintenance tab
  • Select the drop down menu under Manage Lists
  • Select Option Defaults

  • On the Option Defaults window, select New
  • In the Option Name field, type the option name.  Please note that the option name must match exactly.  (For Example:  Valance Type would be a separate option from Valance)

  • Option names are also case sensitive.  For example, if you are wanting to set the default for Option 'Valance Type', typing 'valance type' will not apply.
  • In the Option Value field, type the desired option value.  Again, the option value must match exactly. 
  • Press OK to exit and save the change.
  • When using this method, the Option Value selected will apply to EVERY product which contains an Option Name and Option Value that match the data entered.  

Product Level:

  • From within the SalesPRO software, go to the Maintenance tab and select the Product Manager icon

  • Double click a product for which you wish to change the default option. For this example, we'll use Alta 1-3/8 inch Wood Blind. 

  • This will bring up the Product Properties window. 
  • Select the Usage tab
  • Click on Option Defaults

  • On the Option Defaults window, click on New.

  • On the Edit Option Default window, type in Option Name: and Option Value: of your choice  (note BOTH of these values must match exactly)
  • Click OK to exit and save your change
  • The new default option will apply only to the selected product. 

Applies To:

  • SalesPRO Software