SalesPRO gives you the ability to send orders electronically to your vendors directly from your software.  The instructions below will show how to send purchase orders at the touch of a button. Please note that to send orders electronically, you must first enable Online Order processing and enter your vendor account numbers.  


  • From the Home tab in SalesPRO, click on the Send for Purchasing icon.
  • The Send for Purchasing window will show you a list of all Purchase orders which can be sent, listed by Vendor, then PO number, Order Number, Customer Name, Sidemark, Sales Rep, PO Created date, Total and Status. 

  • You can select one PO to send, or multiple.  To select multiple, click on the first PO to be sent, hold down your Ctrl key and continue to select the desired purchase orders.  In the example below, we have selected all purchase orders associated with Order #24. 
  • When selection is completed, click on the Send PO to Vendor icon and then select Send Electronically.
  • NOTE:  If you have purchase orders which have already been submitted outside of SalesPRO, you can select "Vendor has the Purchase Order" to move one or more orders out of the Queue. 

  • This will bring up the Send Purchase Orders Window.
  • Purchase Orders on this screen will have one of four Actions listed:  OK to Send, Should Review, Must Review, or Unable to Send.
  • OK to Send indicates that no issues have been identified that could cause this PO to be rejected by the vendor.
  • Should Review, indicates that there may be some minor issues, which the user may wish to review.  This could be things like missing room locations, etc.  
  • Must Review indicates that this order cannot be sent in the present state.  The Purchase Order has issues which will cause it to be rejected by the vendor.  
  • Unable to Send indicates that there is a problems that keeps the software from sending the PO.  For Example, the vendor account number may be missing.
  • Since all of our Purchase Orders have the action Ok to Send (in the screen shot below), we can hit the Send Now button to process them immediately.  
  • We ALWAYS recommend that you review all of your purchase orders before sending to eliminate any errors that may be present.

  • When the Purchase Orders have been successfully transmitted, you will receive a message from the software. 
  • You will also receive an email from Solatech, with a copy of your Purchase Order attached. This email will arrive within 5 minutes after sending.
  • The Vendor will send an email once the order is in their system.  This email will have a copy of the Vendor's purchase order attached.
  • Please take the time to review both the PO emailed from Solatech and the PO emailed from the vendor.  This will eliminate the chance for any order inconsistencies. 

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